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Beyond Certification FAQs

Q. What is the objective of Beyond Certification?

A. Some of the primary objectives are to:

Q. Who can join Beyond Certification?

A. Anyone is welcome to join this site as long as they’re respectful.  This could include:

Q. What are challenges?

A. Challenges may be around learning a new skill, concept, technology and putting that into practice either in “theory” or (preferably) with a real-life example.
Q. How will challenges be led?
A. A bi-weekly challenge will be created which will include:

There will be a method to sign up for the challenge to do as a group.  If there is not enough interest, the challenge will be self-study.



1. Rahul Gupta - January 11, 2010

hi Yvette,

I wish to be a part of this initiative but could not find a way to register myself here. Please guide me on this.


yvettefrancino - January 11, 2010

Hi Rahul (or anyone else that’s interested in joining Beyond Certification), Use this link to join: http://beyondcertification.ning.com/?xgi=0CBmktVEUQ1bip Thanks! Yvette

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