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About Yvette

World's Best Boss

World's Best Boss

I’m looking for the next opportunity to be the World’s Best Boss. Michael Scott from The Office claims to be the World’s Best Boss, but I think the Scranton Office of Dunder Mifflin may need a Quality Assurance Manager. I’m ready to take Michael on for the title!

I’ve been in IT for over 27 years (I started when I was…um…about 3.)  I spent 17 years at IBM and Diners Club as a Software Developer, and 10 years at Sun as an IT Manager managing Software Development, QA, and Customer Operations. I love software and technology, but what I like best are the geeky, fun people behind the computers.

I have a personal website (complete with video resume) and a blog about Social Media, Who Gives a Twit?

When I’m not playing with Laptop Guy (I spend enough time with my Laptop, that I tend to think of him as a friend) I’m often enjoying my incredible family and the beauty of Colorado.

Black Lake - Rocky Mountain National Park

Black Lake - Rocky Mountain National Park



1. ash rahmani - October 29, 2009

are you a bahai?

yvettefrancino - October 29, 2009

Hai (hi) ashrahmani.
I don’t know much about the baha’i faith, but I just checked it out and it sounds pretty close to what I believe. Officially, I’m Catholic, though I’m open to all faiths.. I figure that’s my best chance of getting into heaven. Actually, I just saw a religion flowchart on a blog today. Perhaps we should create some test cases? 😉
Ba-hai (bye)

2. Barb - November 15, 2009

Hi Yvette,
I would like you to send me your resume since our QA team is expanding and there will be various IT opportunities opening at the USDA offices in Fort Collins.
I look forward to speaking with you.

Barb Mattson

yvettefrancino - November 15, 2009

Excellent, Barb!

3. Marvin "Coach" Powell - December 19, 2009

OK I admit it! I’m totally fascinated by your writing style and your creative use of social media. I’ll bet that we can teach thousands of my small business clients to really grow their networks with your skills. Are you up for a joint webinar?

-Coach Powell
“Your success is our focus”

yvettefrancino - December 19, 2009

I’m glad you found me, Coach Powell! I checked out your 90 Day Power Play Website and I like your message! Let’s talk!

4. Kirk Franks - January 13, 2010


I hope things are going well and you’ve had nice New Year.

I’ve found yet another cool piece of technology useful in test labs. It is called AutoLab, one of a set of products from Gale Technologies. It manages the configuration of the infrastructure, allowing topologies and configurations of your resources to be saved and restored using a scheduler. This enables the context of the test environment to be changed and recalled at will, including your network setup and VMs. A long time ago at Sun we were trying to develop a means to share lab resources across IT, this would have solved that problem very nicely.

Check it out at http://www.galetechnologies.com/products/auto-lab.html


yvettefrancino - January 16, 2010

Hi Kirk, You are a great wealth of knowledge! Looks like another set of cool tools to check out! I just got offered a job at TechTarget.com and part of my job is going to be making sure there is fresh content on SearchSoftwareQuality.com. It’s great to have people like you in my network to help steer me in the right direction! Thanks!

5. Cap'n Dave - March 29, 2010

Hey Yvette!!!

Missed ya! But I’m back among the working class. Believe it or not – on an Agile team. Truly Agile, not textbook Agile!

6. Dick Rochester - October 26, 2010

The link “Subscribe to QA Musings” doesn’t work for me.

yvettefrancino - October 26, 2010

Hi Dick,
When I got the job at SearchSoftwareQuality.com I had to stop blogging here. Come check out the Software Quality Insights blog and SearchSoftwareQuality.com!

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