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Spend Time With the Baby December 31, 2009

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It’s New Year’s Eve, and as usual, my goal list of all the things I want to do is fully loaded. I love the internet. An endless library to browse and learn from. So many tools and technologies for us to play with. So many people to connect with.

I’ve been loving these past months of learning, reading, writing, blogging, and networking. Who knew being unemployed could be so fulfilling?  But this last couple of weeks, over the holidays, I decided to take a break and concentrate on family.

See that adorable baby? That’s my little grandson (I’d like to add here that both his mother and I had our first born at very young ages. He is the only person that is allowed to call me “Grandma” which still sounds like: “Ah!” (The word he uses to describe everything.))  I’m lucky enough to have that cute little guy (along with his parents) living 30 minutes from me. I also have a son going to Medical School in Denver and another son, my 15-year-old baby, still at home.  I haven’t had to run off to a job for the past 6 months, yet, I’m sorry to say, I didn’t take advantage of spending more time with those people that are most important to me.  Funny that when I was working, I seemed to make more of an effort to achieve “work-life balance” than I have since I’ve been unemployed.

The internet can be so addicting. It’s great to enjoy our work, technology, and all our virtual friends and contacts, but not at the expense of the “real” people in our life.  So, while my resolution list still includes plenty of job-related goals, my most important resolution is to spend more time with those people that I love.

Diego, Grandma will set you up with a Twitter account, and we’ll get you tweeting that cute little “Ah!” all over the Web.

May 2010 be filled with peace and happiness.



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