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Tester Types eBook – Courtesy of The Software Testing Club December 21, 2009

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Just out today, in the category of “fun stuff to read” is the new Tester Types eBook put out by Software Testing Club‘s Rob Lambert and Rosie Sherry.  The book outlines 19 different Tester Types, complete with a cute avatar depicting each type and a description of their personality.

I, of course, like “The Boss.”

Observed Behaviour : Chilled, relaxed, in control, great communicator and has the respect of the
Favourite Phrase : Not a problem
Nemesis : Senior Management
The Boss is essentially the opposite of the Micromanager.

The Boss gets R.E.S.P.E.C.T. The Boss can say ‘No’ to management and often does, which
makes them unpopular above, but truly respected by those below. But The Boss doesn’t see anyone as
being below or above. They just see a team and a set of goals and respect all for their opinions and
skills. And if The boss has goals that are vague or impossible, The Boss will say so.

The Boss picks a team of people who will work well together, not just individual talent. The Boss
picks a well balanced team of experienced and junior team members. The Boss considers the social
make up of the team, rather than the individual team members. The Boss understands that junior
team members need to learn and often have the most creative minds. The Boss understands that
teams can make or break a project.

The Boss buys cakes and beer for their team. The Boss trusts every member of their team. The Boss
is fair, yet critical at the same time.

In other words. The Boss is a leader….an inspirer. They have integrity, honesty and trust. They stand
up for what they believe in, but are not arrogant or misguided. And if you find a boss like this, you are
very lucky indeed.

I like to think this is an accurate description of the type of Boss that I am.  One difference, though…

My Nemesis isn’t Senior Management.  (I feel it’s especially important to note this lest any Senior Managers out there want to hire me.)  If I could name a Nemesis, it would probably be the Whiners.  I have a hard time tolerating people who whine and don’t take action to correct whatever it is they’re whining about.

I can see this book being the new Myers-Briggs (only it would have to be called Lambert-Sherry) personality typing system for testers.  And maybe the new set of playing cards (like Pokeman or Yugi-oh).  There could be a whole handbook that describes vulnerabilities, strengths, and power points.  And next will come the movie!

Note: The Software Testing Club has made this eBook available for download and sharing as long as you abide by the Attribution No Derivatives copyright, reference the creators and have fun in what you do.



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Hi Simi, Thanks so much for letting me know about http://softwaretestingnet.com! You’re right! This is another great resource to add to the list! I’ll look forward to reading more! Yvette

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