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Michael Bolton, Exploratory Testing, and Beyond Certification December 18, 2009

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I’ve been meaning to blog about this for a few days, but… where to begin?  I guess I’ll start with last week when I attended James Whittaker‘s presentation on Exploratory Testing.  I blogged about it, and then another industry great, Michael Bolton, left a comment, pointing me to a whole bunch of other resources on Exploratory Testing!

This list keeps me busy. There are a lot of interesting articles and documents and as I explore each resource I find additional resources, tools, and techniques…  It goes on and on!  It’s one of those cases where the more I learn the more I know I don’t know.

Meanwhile, Michael Bolton joined Beyond Certification! Yay! Another celebrity in our midst. It’s like I’m having a party and a bunch of movie stars are joining. (I guess I’d better clarify for those googlers who may be looking for Michael Bolton, the singer, I’m not talking about him.  I’m talking about Michael Bolton, the QA guru guy. You can still join my Beyond Certification party, but there probably won’t be any love songs being sung… )

So there are more and more people at this so-called party, but I need to have some entertainment! (Maybe I should consider a little music!  I think that IS available via Ning.)  I was thinking though, of trying to organize all this great data on heuristics into an easy database app of sorts.  Even though there are so many excellent resources, I’m not finding an online app that will organize it for easy search and updates.  It might be a cool project for our newly formed group…



1. Jim Hazen - December 18, 2009

Well I joined. Woohoo!

One problem though, it appears that the NING hosting site doesn’t like my WinXP/SP2 & IE6 combo. I go to the site page and it loads in IE6 and then hangs. Can’t scroll and click on links, and IE6 then goes into a “Not Responding” mode. Have to kill the IE window.

yvettefrancino - December 18, 2009

Oh dear! Looks like the Ning folks should have enlisted more testers! Sorry you’re having trouble on the site, Jim.

I’m using Firefox and haven’t had those problems… I’ll go ahead and see if there’s a known bug or work around for the WinXP/SP2 & IE6 configuration…

2. Jim Hazen - December 18, 2009

Hmm… seems we have a potential guinea pig for our tesitng efforts & learning.

I have the same problem with SoftwareTestingClub.com If I go to the Forum area via full URL I am okay, but as soon as I go to the Home page it fall down and go boom!

yvettefrancino - December 18, 2009

I found the forum for Ning Admins and I’m going to ask if anyone has seen this problem. I also sent an email to Ning Support (but since I don’t pay for support it’s a lower priority… not sure when they will get back. I’m mostly just doing recruiting right now so you’re not missing too much… Come January I’d like to get going with some serious challenges so we’ll have to try and get your problem resolved before then!

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