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The Bugs of Life December 17, 2009

Posted by yvettefrancino in Management, QA.

I’ve gotten into the habit of thinking of those irritants in my life as bugs.  It’s been a buggy week. First I got a flat tire when driving my son to school. Normally, this would be a P3 or P4… I’m on Big O’s Warranty program, so usually getting a flat tire is not that big of a deal. But, unfortunately, I’d just changed to snow times, and had NOT purchased the Warranty on these tires (no disaster recovery plan, no rollback plan.)   This wasn’t just one of those flats you can patch. My tire was decimated.  I don’t know what I rolled over, but it ripped that tire up.  To make matters worse, my jack is lost. Yes, I know that cute little place in the trunk where it’s supposed to be stored, and it’s not there.  So, this whole flat tire situation was really more like a P2.   There have been other bugs this week…  I got sick. Not really sick. Just P3 sick.  Better make that P4 when compared to my Dad who’s P1 sick.

But then I started thinking how I’m always finding the bugs.  My Dad made a little progress today. He was able to get from the bed to a wheelchair.  He’s still P1 sick, but not as sick as yesterday.  And even though my Honda is still sitting in the garage with its P2 flat tire, I have a Toyota Previa that usually just sits in the garage. It’s a fine workaround until I can get that tire fixed.  Other good stuff happened this week, too. Lots of good stuff. But what do we call that? What is the opposite of a bug? There’s gotta be a word for it. Butterflies?  Those are the things we should be looking for!

It’s too bad that in QA we are trained to look for the bugs. I think we should learn to look for the butterflies, too. Even though we need to find the bugs so we can fix them, we can learn a lot from the butterflies.  There’s a lot of beauty in well-crafted code.  Don’t spend so much time looking for bugs that you forget to appreciate the butterflies.



1. Dave Whalen - December 18, 2009

You need to get out more Yvette! :o)

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