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The 12 Bugs of Christmas December 17, 2009

Posted by yvettefrancino in Management.

My friend, Chris York, passed this along to me today in email, telling me it would work well to the tune of the  12th day on The 12 Days of Christmas.  He didn’t know the original source, but gave me the A-OK to post to my blog.

Update: I discovered the origins of this…  It’s by Alam Saeed and was posted at Computerjokes.net)

My comment:  I think Alam  Saeed might want to rethink #5. I’d say it’s pretty dangerous to ask for a dump after demanding #12-#6….  I’m just sayin’ …

For the twelfth bug of Christmas, my PM said to me:
12 Tell them it’s a feature
11 Say it’s not supported
10 Change the documentation
9    Blame it on the hardware
8   Find a way around it
7   Say they need an upgrade
6   Reinstall the software
5   Ask for a dump
4  Run with the debugger
3  Try to reproduce it
2  Ask them how they did it and
1  See if they can do it again.


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