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Enough Lurking Around – Start Engaging! Take the Challenge! December 12, 2009

Posted by yvettefrancino in Social Media.

“Lurking”  is the term used for people that read but don’t participate on online forums, chats, networks, etc.  I usually advice people to “lurk before you leap” when joining a new community.  It’s a good idea to get an idea of the culture before you jump in and ask a question that will highlight your newbie-ness.  However, once you’ve had a chance to lurk around, the next step is to engage! Make comments and share content.  According to this article, 90% of the people on online communities are lurkers.

So how do we get people to engage? In my new online community, Beyond Certification, I’ve decided to issue challenges.  The idea of the community is to learn how to operate successfully in a distributed agile environment. I believe in order to be successful on any team, it’s important to actively participate.  When you’re remote, it’s especially important to find a way to build friendships and trust.  So, the rules of my first Challenge for the Beyond Certification community are below.  If you think you may want to participate, please join and spread the word!

If you’re not interested in distributed agile, I’d still challenge you to start engaging with the online communities that you ARE a part of.  Make comments on blogs or forums or groups.  You can start here by making a comment on this blog with either an introduction or answering any of the questions posed in task #3 of  the Challenge below:

Objective: Getting to Know One Another
Why: One of the biggest disadvantages of Telecommuting is the difficulty in forming trusted relationships from a distance.

Time Commitment: Minimum: 15 minutes. Max: However long you want to spend
1) Upload your photo rather than using one of those standard icons
2) Fill in your profile
3) Add to this discussion and answer the following or add your own commentary:
– Introduce yourself. Do you have a blog? Point us to it.
– Have you ever telecommuted? Was the rest of the team distributed? What were the pros and cons?
– What tools did you use to make the experience more successful?
– How are you able to foster relationships with other from a distance?
– What are thoughts about a distributed agile team?
4) Add additional photos and or videos
5) Once introductions are made (or before if you want) add people that you want to know better to your “friends”. Interact with them.
6) Let me know any recommendations you have open source conference calling. I tried one once, but not with much success…

Challenge #1 Conference Call: (Tentative) – Tues, Dec. 22 (Time TBD)



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