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Lisa Crispin’s in my Beyond Certification Agile Group! December 10, 2009

Posted by yvettefrancino in QA.

I’m really excited that the Beyond Certification network is growing.  In two days 45 members have joined, with a wide range of Agile experience.  The most exciting thing is that Lisa Crispin, one of the author’s of the very popular, “Agile Testing” is one of the members!  She is the Queen of Agile!

It’s so funny because before I even started blogging about QA, I was perusing the bookshelves at Borders and this “Agile Testing” book is the one I pulled out and added to my Christmas wish list.  I made a little note to myself to look for Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory on the Web.  Then I unexpectedly found them on Chris McMahon’s Writing About Testing site and I’ll get to meet Lisa at the conference in Durango in May.  She lives in Colorado and was even going to be presenting at the SQuAD meeting last night (which, unfortunately, was canceled because of the snow).

This is kind of like saying you want to play golf, and the next thing you know, you’re scheduling a game with Tiger Woods. (OK, maybe I shouldn’t mention Tiger right now.  On the other hand, since he’s such a big news items these days, it might help my Search Engine Optimization. Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods.)  But I digress.  We’re talking about Lisa Crispin here, not Tiger Woods.

Lisa, very graciously, joined the Beyond Certification site right away and added some input about tools for distributed agile. I know she’s really busy, but she’s taking time out of her day to contribute and help my new community grow and thrive.  She is a really nice woman!  However, it looks like The World Agile Qualification Board is not treating her as so well.

I read today on Matt Heusser’s blog that

The World Agile Qualification Board has, for a second time, plagiarized the work of Janet Gregory and Lisa Crispin by cutting and pasting the outline for their book and using it as a course outline – without permission or attribution.

Matt is asking that the Agile Alliance formally censure the group . As is common practice on the Web, we spread the word of both the good and the not-so-good, so I’m doing my part in passing this along.  Santa, are you listening? Lisa: Nice!   World Agile Qualification Board: Naughty.



1. Peter Grobarek - December 10, 2009

This is exciting news. I purchased that book about a month ago and am using it as my bible as I learn and implement Agile Testing (I have 11+ years of ‘other’ testing experience)

2. Cap'n Dave - December 10, 2009

We need to do an intervention. :0)

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