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Getting Started With Agile December 9, 2009

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Last month, the government approved my education plan that included Scrum Master Training from Agile University! There was a class scheduled for today and tomorrow and I was all excited because it meant I’d finally get that certification I’ve been after.  It seems like every employer is looking for Agile experience, but I haven’t even had an “official” training yet.   Well, even though the plan was approved, apparently, there was some sort of hold up with paper-work, and so I wasn’t able to get in the class after all.  The next one isn’t until mid-January.

However, even though I have to wait another month to get officially certified, there’s a bunch of agile training stuff on the Rally Software Website.  If you go to the Learn Agile page there are additional links to white papers, articles, Webinars, downloads, etc.  I’m hoping  Rally Software will make some of their products available to us for use on the new network I just set up, “Beyond Certification.”

I’m thinking the first couple of months, I’ll host a meeting every two weeks.   I’ll probably announce the tool, topic, technology (or whatever) with links to resources, and then we can meet (maybe using Dim-Dim, or some other conferencing tool) to discuss learnings.  Then, when we all feel we’re educated enough on agile methodologies, we’ll try and run a short project…  maybe create a FaceBook app, or test an open source tool…

Even though I didn’t make it into the class this month, I feel really lucky that there’s so much information about Agile available for free.  By the time I actually get in the class, I’ll probably know it inside out!

If you’re interested in participating, come join us at: Beyond Certification!



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