Retweeting in Twitter (done with a RT) is very popular.  What it means is that you’re passing along content that you like to your network.  You give credit to the user who’s content you’re passing along (using @username) and then those who see the “retweet” may start following the user who originally posted the material.  This is looked at as a good thing.  The original tweeter feels grateful that you are passing along his or her content.

I haven’t seen quite the same kind of nomenclature in the blogging world, though it’s very popular to promote someone else’s content.  Usually you do so by including a link in your blog to the original content.

For example, this morning I read this post on the PractiTest QA Blog by Joel Montvelisky:

Learning Testing from Horse Trainers? (thanks to Adam Goucher)

Joel  summarizes that  in order to become a professional you will need:

– Talent
– Sacrifice / Selflessness
– Blood, Sweat & Tears
– Determination
– People Skills
– Bravery or Courage
– Character & Intelligence
– Develop a Plan

Adam Goucher’s original post was referenced which in turn, referenced  bullets and relevant quotes from Jessica Jo Tate, the horse-trainer, from which this whole discussion begins.

Now in the PractiTest QA blog, Joel says:

I don’t usually write blogs about other blogs but this morning I read one in Adam Goucher’s blog that really made it for me, and it was actually based on another article he read on a how to become a professional horse trainer… talk about recycling information :-)

I say…  Recycle (ReTweet, ReBlog) away! It’s a good thing! It’s not like you’re stealing someone’s content claiming it as your own.  You’re passing along content that you think is informative and valuable, giving the original owner credit! This leads to readership and additional publicity for the original owner.

Now, I do think if the ONLY thing a blogger does is recycle others’ content, THAT can be a little annoying.  It’s good to add your own commentary and have some original content as well.  But, passing along good content to your own network is a very acceptable and welcomed practice in the world of social media.

So if anyone wants to reference this post, which references Joel’s post, which references Adam’s post, which references Jessica Jo Tate’s site…  please do!  You’ll learn testing from a horse-trainer and find a bunch of informative sites along the way!

3 thoughts on “Re-Blogging

  1. Thanks Yvette for the positive reinforcement.
    As you wrote this is not a practice that is as common as re-tweeting and you may be on to something by saying that we need to do it more.

  2. I know that when I see another person’s blog referenced in a place I know and trust, I’m much more likely to go and check it out. I like it when people site other bloggers. Thanks for introducing me to someone new!

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