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TechTarget and SearchSoftwareQuality December 4, 2009

Posted by yvettefrancino in QA.

A month or so ago,  I blogged about all the great Software Test Communities I’d found. Well, yesterday, Matt Heusser turned me on to a new one that I hadn’t yet discovered: SearchSoftwareQuality.  Wow! What an excellent resource! I’ve been so busy reading, I’ve barely come up for air.

SearchSoftwareQuality is part of TechTarget an organization that publishes integrated media about technology, bringing technologists and vendors together.  The Applications Development Market has links to a long list of other media… podcasts, whitepapers, mediacasts, and so much more, including links to industry-specific Websites such as SearchSoftwareQuality.

From that site, there are a host of articles split into categories of

  • Models/Methodologies
  • Requirements
  • Testing and QA
  • Project Management
  • Maintenance

These are sub-categorized further.  I found a ton of great information, including this article on distributed agile (my latest obsession).

I also thought this section that gives you the popular terms was cool:




session hijacking

test-driven development


For those of us that pay attention to Search Engine Optimization, this helps give us ideas of what we might want our next daily blog topic to be about.

I could go on and on, but then this blog post would get way too long, so better that you just go check it out for yourself.



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