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Pictures of Joy November 20, 2009

Posted by yvettefrancino in Uncategorized.

I don’t know who ordered all the stress tests on me lately, but I think I can safely say, it’s been affecting the performance and functionality of my program.

In my early days of unemployment, I was performing just fine.  My daily requirements included:

Learn something new
Take a picture each day of something that makes me smile
Enjoy coffee or lunch with someone each day

I enjoyed the long, lazy days of summer with friends and family, taking my daily picture. My functional tests were all performing well.  No bugs were detected, but I still wasn’t getting a job…one of the primary objectives of my program.

Fall brought in the system test, complete with load and stress tests. Life got very busy, cold, dark, and overwhelming. Jobs I felt certain I would get, fell through.  Even though I continued to learn, my other functions stopped performing at all.  I stopped taking my pictures of joy. I stopped going out to lunch or coffee…I didn’t want to spend the money or impose any more on my generous friends.

Yesterday, I learned my father has stage 3 colon cancer. This test just about broke the application completely. In fact, I did suffer from a temporary system crash.  Suddenly jobs and money did not seem important any more.  I had absolutely no function to help my father.  He’s in a hospital bed in California and there’s nothing I can do but wait and hope and pray that he gets better. The last thing I wanted to do was take a “picture of joy.”

But I started up the program again. I went to meet a friend to help her set up her blog. When I told her the news, she gave me a hug, and listened. She pulled out some home-made pasta sauce made with tomatoes from her garden, put on some soothing music, poured me a glass of red wine, and made me an Italian lunch — just like my father would do. And, realizing it was more important than ever, I took my picture of joy.  I realized that is the most important function in my program. No matter how much stress or load on this system, I will not forget to savor the good in life or hold those people that are important to me in my heart.

Life is short. Don’t take it for granted. Take those pictures of joy.



1. Dave - November 20, 2009

Sorry to hear about your Dad. Hang in there!

yvettefrancino - November 20, 2009

Thanks, Dave. 🙂

2. Jim Hazen - November 20, 2009


Read the following, especially the last line.

Best to you and your family.

yvettefrancino - November 20, 2009

Thank you for the inspirational poem, Jim.

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