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Beautiful Testing – The Beautiful Part November 19, 2009

Posted by yvettefrancino in QA.

Once there was music in my heart.  Then I met you… and I heard the words.

This quote came from Matthew Heusser’s chapter in the new QA Book, “Beautiful Testing.” It comes at the beginning of a section labeled

Come Walk With Me, The Best is Yet to Be

This phrase is very common and I am unsure of its origins. I believe I first read it in the collected poetry of my grandmother, Lynette Isham. My favorite poem of hers included this line: “Once there was music in my heart. Then I met you…and I heard the words.”

This was about her son, my father, Roger Heusser. I don’t know about testing, but that’s some of the most beautiful prose I have ever read. I had to put it in print.

What’s this got to do with testing? Absolutely nothing as far as I can tell. Yet, I loved this.  It was  “Beautiful.”  It really moved me. The quote moved me. The family heritage moved me. The fact that Matthew Heusser felt it was beautiful prose and worthy of being in the book, even though it had nothing to do with QA or Software Test moved me.

Now, of course, there was a lot of stuff in the chapter that was the typical geek-speak mixed with a casual style of narrative, giving a real-life case study of how QA works at SocialText.  It was interesting and informative.  As I was roaming around the internet looking for a photo to use with this post, I found an outline of Beautiful Testing in the making, including the outline of Matt’s chapter. Since I like writing as well as QA, this was interesting to me.  But what interests me most are the people.  I like that this book is a collection of essays because it lets us hear the voice of each of these people. It’s more than just a bunch of text book answers. It includes opinions and insights and creativity.

Some people would say, “Then go read a romance novel or a biography.” But this book isn’t romance or drama. It’s got a lot of great factual information about testing and valuable information about technology trends.  I’ve only read one chapter and the table of contents, but that was enough to tell me that the book is a valuable resource for QA and Software Testers.

If there were no personality in this book the title would probably be “Boring Testing.”  Testing can be beautiful … the creativity and the unique methodologies.  But it’s more than the code and the tests — it’s the people that get excited by the collaboration and the accomplishment. It’s not just the work of art, but the artist that makes something beautiful.

Once there was code on the screen. Then I met the tester and it all worked.

OK. So maybe I need to work on my poetry.



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