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Writing About Testing November 17, 2009

Posted by yvettefrancino in QA.

As you may have guessed, based on my frequent blog posts, I like to write.  Well, somehow (I think from Twitter) I was pointed to Chris McMahon’s post about a peer conference : Writing About Testing. This is going to be free in Durango, CO in May, 2010.   This is perfect for me because

  1. I like to write about testing. (Actually, it’s probably more accurate to say that I like to write about people, resources, trends, etc. in the world of QA and test.)
  2. I live in Colorado so I can drive to Durango.
  3. Going to free events scores lots of points in the SuperFrug game I made up. (This is a good game to play if you are unemployed or just naturally cheap. I am both.)

However,  this event may have a cap at 15 people and Chris asked for a “position statement.”  Being a relative no-name in the world of writers, I was a bit intimidated by this, but I went ahead and sent Chris an email last week to let him know of my interest.

Since Chris asks for information about previous publications, I told him about the article I’d written in StickyMinds and the thesis I’d written for Regis University about improving software quality.  I knew that the thesis was only available in the University Library, but I searched for it anyway, and look what I found: I’m in Cem Kaner’s library! Now I don’t know anything about this CiteULike site.  I’m sure I must have quoted Cem Kaner in my thesis and perhaps that creates an automatic entry in his library.  But since the paper isn’t available online, I don’t know how that would have happened. I don’t want to ask too many question. All I know is that I am on Cem Kaner’s book-list and I am retaining full bragging rights!

Of course, it’s a bit unfortunate that my name at the time of this masterpiece was Yvette Podlogar. Since going back to my maiden name, Yvette Francino, my writing has consisted primarily of blogs about very non-technical chick-lit-like stuff. But I’m thinking, those QA books really could use a bit of spicing up…  I’m envisioning a whole series about object oriented programming — you could really create a lot of drama with polymorphism, inheritance, and for mature audiences only, the viewing of private parts…  Stay tuned for:

Hidden Secrets: The Code Your Developer Never Told You About

Coming to a book store near you…



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