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Blogging Your Way To Employment November 15, 2009

Posted by yvettefrancino in QA, Social Media.

My blog has hit the big time.

A couple of months ago I presented to BoulderNet, a job-seekers network, on how to use Social Media and blogging in the job search.  Katy Piotrowsi, an employment specialist and columnist for the Ft. Collins Coloradoan asked if she might interview me for a future column.

“Of course!” I said, enthusiastically! (I’m all for self-promotion.)

And today, it was published:

Job seeker blogging her way to employment

There are a whole lot of ways a job-seeker can use social networking tools to their advantage.  LinkedIn is particularly helpful.  However, my favorite method of networking has been through this blog.

To be honest, I haven’t gotten a single direct job lead (yet) from writing the blog. But that’s one of the things about networking.  It’s not necessarily a direct way of getting what you are ultimately looking for. You may not even be aware of the benefits until somewhere down the line. For example, when I started blogging, I had no idea that Katy would one day learn about it and write an article. Maybe someone will read that article and find out more about me and offer me a job!

But even if that doesn’t happen, there are all kinds of indirect benefits I’m getting from blogging about QA that I feel certain will lead to a job. In doing the research needed to find content, I have learned a tremendous amount of information and found an amazing number of resources related to QA and Software Test. I’m really starting to know who’s who in the world of QA.  And (this is really cool) I’m actually becoming friends with them! I am gaining enough knowledge and confidence that I know I will do better in interviews. And if I don’t land a job soon, I’m feeling knowledgeable enough to try consulting. Maybe write a book!  When I’m a famous best-selling QA-expert-writer person, you can all say, “And I knew her back when she was an unemployed blogger…”  But that’s all about to change. Yup… The future is looking bright! Let me get my shades on.  I hear the paparazzi knockin’ on my door!



1. jeney andreson - November 15, 2009

Nice content it would be helpfull for me .I am impressed your website . Its layout is very attractive .Thanks and keep on working

yvettefrancino - November 15, 2009

Thank you so much, Jeney! Looking forward to networking!

2. Amit Kulkarni - November 16, 2009

Whatever you’ve said about “blogging” is very true! Nice information and hope we will see more people share their knowledge or experiences through blogging.

Best Regards,


testing is my passion!!!

3. Tony Bruce - November 16, 2009

Enjoying the blog so far and so please keep it up whether it directly leads to a role or not.

4. Beryl Stromsta - November 18, 2009

What did you find works in blogging? What were your optimum success patterns?

yvettefrancino - November 18, 2009

Hi Beryl,
That could be a long answer… I actually like blogger better than wordpress.com as a free blogging platform. (See this post on my social media blog. But with either one, you can set up some analytics to try and determine trends and what seems to be working or not working with your blog.

Success is dependent on your objective and there are a lot of different reasons why people blog… If you’re trying to market something, you want to target as many potential clients as possible and then convert those to sales. If you’re success is based on getting hits or subscriptions or links, there are different ways to try and accomplish that. One key is usually to find influential people in your target area and to listen and learn from them. When you engage or participate, aim to give, share, and help more than to receive. Eventually, you will build a network that will help you achieve your goals…

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