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Test Communities Galore November 6, 2009

Posted by yvettefrancino in QA, Social Media.

CommunityWhen people want to learn how to get the most out of Social Networking, I advise them to start with the three big tools: LinkedIn, FaceBook, and Twitter, and then look for a “niche area” social networking tool.

A couple of months ago,  I set out to follow this strategy myself, focusing on learning EVERYTHING about Software Test and Quality Assurance, I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to find any niche social networks dedicated specifically to Software Test and QA, thinking this might be a difficult topic to be too “social” about.  Well, I’ve found so many resources (including quite a few social networks) that I have to keep a master list in order to keep track of them all. And every day I find more, without really trying.

For example, today  a got a message:

Quality Testing is following you on Twitter.

So, I went to check @QualityTesting and it pointed me to yet another Social Network for Software Test:  http://www.qualitytesting.info/

My ever-growing list has all kinds of categories (Blogs, Books, Tools, Education, People, etc. etc.) Some day I hope to organize it and publish my Master Reference, complete with reviews, but for now I’ll give you a preview of the links I have listed under the category of “Communities.”   These are sites that ask you to sign up and create a profile and have varying degrees of “community” activities allowing you to collaborate and network with fellow SQA people via  forums, blogs, “friend”-connects, etc.  I’d hoped to give a short review on each, but I haven’t used most of them long enough or frequently enough to give a fair review, so I will save that for my “All Things QA” Bible (or for another day when I have more time.)


And I thought QA people weren’t social!  I’m sure there are more, so feel free to let me know about any that you’ve come across and I’ll add them to my list.



1. Paul Poutanen - November 6, 2009

You likely want to add http://www.mob4hire.com which is the premier and largest mobile testing and market research site.

yvettefrancino - November 7, 2009

Thanks, Paul. I’ll check it out. Thanks!

2. Joe Strazzere - November 6, 2009

You should change qaforums.com to sqaforums.com

3. Justin Hunter - November 6, 2009


Great list. Please also check out


It is a site for software testers that allows testers to ask questions and get peer-reviewed answers that are voted on by participants. (This helps identify the most helpful answers).


– Justin

yvettefrancino - November 6, 2009

Hi Justin, Yes, I will add that. It looks like this is the same software that powers the new exchange at Software Testing Club: http://exchange.softwaretestingclub.com/

I wonder if there’s a way to combine these?

4. Jim Hazen - November 6, 2009


Now my question is how many of those sites are just a rehash of others and/or just plain flotsum/jetsum.

It is great there is a high level of activity, but my concern is that there so much to sort through that we will loose the forest for the trees and have even more difficulty in finding the “needle in a haystack” or “diamond in the rough”.

In some ways it is becoming sensory overload (and overkill).

But keep it up , you are definitely doing something “new” in your work.

yvettefrancino - November 7, 2009

Hi Jim,
Yes, that’s why I’d like to review these more carefully before recommending them. I agree that with the ability for anyone to be able to publish anything that there’s a lot of not-so-good stuff out there, and it does make it harder to find the truly valuable content.

5. College and Career Planning - November 9, 2009

I will bookmark them and share with my friends. Some of them are looking for answers about software testers.

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8. Becky Borichevsky - November 16, 2009

This is great Yvette! I didn’t realize your blog was about Software QA. I’ll definitely check these out!

9. STF - December 3, 2009

Thanks for the list.

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