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Crowdsource Test – Interview with Matt Johnston from uTest November 4, 2009

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mattjohnstonIf you’ve been reading my blog, you know that I have a big interest in both social media and QA. I find the Crowdsource Testing model used at uTest particularly interesting because it combines those two interests of mine, using the power of the community at large to test Web and mobile applications.

From taking a look at my blog stats, I see I’m not alone in this interest in Crowdsourcing. I’ve noticed that the posts about Crowdsource Testing with uTest have gotten the most hits. This way of testing is a growing trend in today’s world.  I had the pleasure of speaking with Matt Johnston, VP of Marketing and Community at uTest, yesterday to find out more about uTest and some of the challenges and benefits of Crowdsource Testing.

By using Skype and MP3 Skype Recorder, I was able to record our conversation.  This is my first attempt at audio recording and it’s about 25 minutes — a little longer than I’d planned, but Matt had a lot of interesting information.  In fact, we kept talking after I’d stopped recording and I learned more about the tremendous growth uTest is experiencing.  A key factor in the success of uTest is the community.  Thanks to an active membership of testers that help one another, members are benefiting not just from payment for finding bugs, but from the learning and networking that they’re able to do amongst other QA professionals.

And uTest’s quarterly Bug Battle competition starts in less than 24 hours. After you listen to the interview, head on over and sign up!



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