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The Software Testing Club November 3, 2009

Posted by yvettefrancino in QA.

I often blog about resources that I find that are useful for those in the world of QA, and I just noticed that I haven’t yet posted about my favorite testing community: Software Testing Club.  Now granted, I haven’t done a fair comparison of all that’s out there — it’s on my ever-growing To Do list — but here are some of the things I really like about STC:

* There are a lot of very active members of the community and there’s always fresh content.  Every time I’m on the site, I find a whole bunch of interesting stuff in the Discussion Topics.

* When I first signed up,  Rosie Sherrie was able to get my blog added to the Tester Feeds that are listed on the right hand side of the main page. A lot of my blog traffic and comments originate from STC members.  (And, of course, I always am happy to get traffic and comments!)

* There are not a lot of annoying ads or spammy kind of stuff. Some of the sites I’ve been perusing are helpful, but they are riddled with so many ads that it can be irritating.  I know that the sites need to be funded somehow, but I find STC to be very clean and not filled with people who are soliciting something.

* STC is hooked up with popular social media sites like Delicious, LinkedIn, FaceBook, and Twitter.  In fact, I see Rosie has also recently published a new Twitter List for Software Testing.

* Just today I got an email (via LinkedIn) about STC’s new Software Testing Club Exchange. It’s a place to ask or answer questions.  The more you add value, the more your reputation score can increase, which is a nice way to get some recognition for helping others.

* They are coming out with a brand new QA magazine in January. Since I like to write about QA, I’m hoping this might be a way for me to get more involved.

There is so much more but the best way to find out what’s out there is to go check it out!



1. Rosie - November 3, 2009

Thanks for the lovely comments! 🙂 Makes me happy.

2. yvettefrancino - November 3, 2009

You’re very welcome, Rosie! You deserve much more. Thanks for all you do to make The Software Testing Club successful.

3. Leon Peters - November 3, 2009

Hi Rosie, for me is this the first time that I am here, it looks great go on like this.

Regards Leon Peters

4. Philk - November 3, 2009

Thanks for the plug – and yeh, the moderators of the site are pretty danged good as well 🙂

5. yvettefrancino - November 3, 2009

Yes, Phil. Very impressive. You guys do a great job! And I am especially endeared to you because you left me my very first comment on this blog, not to mention pointing me to some very useful references. Thank you!

6. csharptalk.com - November 24, 2009

nice article

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