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Selenium – An Open Source Automation Test Tool October 28, 2009

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As I wrote yesterday, there are so many open source tools and resources for testers, that it’s hard to know where to begin. I decided that this week I was going to focus on learning Selenium – a tool for automated testing of Web applications using record and playback.

It was incredibly easy to get started with this tool.  I was extremely impressed with the documentation! It was very well organized, easy to understand, and best of all, completely up-to-date! It had last been modified on October 26, 2009… you can’t get much more recent than that.  The installation of the IDE, a Firefox add-on, took less than a minute, and soon I was recording and playing back my first script.

I’m using the uTest site as my playground as I’m learning Selenium, since as a new uTest tester, we get the opportunity to test new releases. I had a little trouble with the click command recognizing the Submit button on the uTest Login Screen.  After experimenting with this for quite some time, I was finally able to get it to work by using a different syntax.  This was a work-around that got me by, but I was curious about what I’d encountered and whether it could be a bug with Selenium.  I registered for OpenQA, joined the Selenium Forum and asked a question about what I’d encountered.  No response yet, but, again, since I’ve found a work-around, I’m in no rush.

Even though I only spent a couple of hours with Selenium, I feel like I got a great start on learning this cool automation tool. I can’t wait to learn more!



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