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SQA Plan Templates October 19, 2009

Posted by yvettefrancino in QA.

I don’t talk much about the job search because… well, it’s sort of like talking about what’s happening in your personal life, which seems a little too….  personal.  I suppose I’m also afraid of jinxing anything.  But the good news is, I have been getting some interest and interviews!

One of the interview questions that I was asked last week was, “If you had to create a new Quality Assurance Plan, what would you include?”  Well, first I answered that I’d assess the project and the team and include the “right” amount of documentation, as is recommended in Fusion Testing.  (I threw in that I’d just learned about Fusion Testing at the SQuAD meeting, hoping that would score me some points from being an actively involved SQuAD member,  up-to-date on the latest information in the world of SQA.)

I mentioned some of the things I thought should go in the plan such as scope, resources, schedule, environments, tools, and testing techniques. I also suggested that I’m a strong believer in re-usability and I would take advantage of the vast world of knowledge on the Web and search for available templates, find one I thought was appropriate, and tailor it, keeping the sections that made sense for the project and omitting the sections that were unnecessary.  After the interview, I did a google search and did find some templates, such as this one.   If the team was previously using nothing, I would guess this would be a bit overboard, so I would probably omit a lot of this and keep the basics… based, again, of course, on the product, organization, etc.

Coincidentally, I also stumbled upon this blog post in Philk’s Expected Results Blog. Philk seems to be concerned about a tester on LinkedIn who had asked for a Security Plan template.  I really like Philk and his blog and I was immediately concerned that looking for a test plan template is the breach of some kind of SQA netiquette. Oh dear! I hope not, or I may have botched that interview question!  It could be that I’m just not understanding why there is a concern…  Philk or others? Is it acceptable to look for SQA templates on the Web?  Are there any templates or websites with templates that are recommended? How would you have answered this interview question?



1. yvettefrancino - October 20, 2009

Just wanted to follow-up, that I got an answer to my (possibly dumb) question about why asking for a security plan template was a bad thing to do in the comments section over on Phil’s blog:


2. Phil Kirkham - October 20, 2009

I knew I’d read a good article on templates – here it is


They can be useful – but can also be abused and people just fill in the sections rather than think about the content

3. yvettefrancino - October 20, 2009

Thanks, Phil! This is a great reference post! You always seem to be able to pull just the right material out of your hat.

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