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QA Smile of the Week October 16, 2009

Posted by yvettefrancino in Uncategorized.

smile25I’m not really in the mood to write about anything too academic, so I figured today would be  the “humor” day… the day I’d blog about something light and insignificant and funny. Unfortunately, it’s really hard to think of funny QA stuff. I browsed the softwaretestingclub site for inspiration and the first forum topic I stumbled upon was:

A ship is called a “She” but why a tester is refered as “She”?

Since I’m kind of a humor writer wannabe, I figured I could use this as a sort of a writing prompt to see what kind of witty response I could come up with.  I started crafting my answer, writing a long relatively sexist diatribe about male and female testers and what would be the appropriate pronoun in various situations.  Like you’d say he’s testing the boundary conditions on the speed of his car and she’s testing the boundary conditions of the credit card maximums at Nordstroms.  I also wrote about some things that might make women testy. I’d tell you more, but as you’ve probably surmised, it wasn’t really hitting the mark.  And then, it came to me…  Just the right punchline:

Testers should be male because they have a lot of testerosterone.

I may just have to write my very own QA joke book…



1. joel - October 16, 2009

I just read your answer on the STC and I thought that it was genuinely funny 🙂



yvettefrancino - October 16, 2009

Why, thank you, Joel. I know I’m just an amateur QA Comic, so I appreciate that. I checked out your blog, too! Lots of good stuff out there!

2. Alicia - October 17, 2009

Tsk tsk, just shaking my head…

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