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Brett Brody – SQA Subject Matter Expert and Consultant October 16, 2009

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BSBI found Brett in LinkedIn, noticing that he’d listed his title as: Brett S. Brody (LION) bsbrody@hotmail.com 7,000+/16,350,000+.  Since I’ve been very active on LinkedIn myself, I knew that the term LION meant that Brett is a LinkedIn Open Networker. (I’m sure he’s very brave and kingly, too.)  The numbers 7,000+/16,350,000+ refer to the number of people in Brett’s network. The first number (7,000+) are his firstdegree contacts. The second number (16,350,000+) are his expanded network…people he has access to communicate with in LinkedIn. These are impressive numbers! When you use social media, it’s especially helpful to connect with people with a large network, because those are the kind of people that will help you expand your own network. I not only asked Brett to connect, but asked if he’d be willing to be interviewed for my blog.  He very graciously accepted both invitations.

If you take a look at Brett’s LinkedIn profile, you’ll see it’s not just his network that’s impressive, but his vast experience in the world of Software Quality Assurance.

Brett owns his own consultancy business, Brett S. Brody Consulting LLC. He has worked with a variety of clients ranging from start-ups to multi-billion dollar organizations. His clients have ranged across industries as well and have included financial, insurance, and government sectors.

Brett’s specialty is providing quality best practices to his clients. He starts by finding out their objective — what is their environment, their time line, their budget and their resources.  Some clients want new quality processes and procedures put in place.  Others require a re-engineering effort, such as moving from a totally manual to an automated approach, or help in creating consistency and uniformity to their processes.

Depending on their needs, Brett defines and implements a plan which will help them achieve their objectives. If the client is already using defined methodologies and deliverables then Brett will help create and instill best practices in using those methodologies. If these things are not in place, then Brett will come in with his own Toolbox of templates and procedures and customize for the specific client, keeping in mind their objectives.

When asked if there is a respected methodology or quality certification that he thought was most beneficial, Brett answered that it would depend on the industry.  He suggests that QA job-seekers research the types of certifications that are being asked for in the target markets that they’re seeking employment.

Brett firmly believes in the importance of up-front planning and a structured approach to software development and is a big proponent of documentation. Though these traits are often not strong points in Agile development, Brett prefers Agile development methodologies, with daily standup meetings and short, iterative releases, over the Waterfall approach.

I ended our interview by asking Brett if there were any particular words of wisdom that he’d like to impart. He answered that he believes in the old agage:

“When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

Many thanks to Brett for taking time out of his busy schedule to speak with me. If you are looking for a Software Quality Expert in the Washington DC area, Brett is the man to talk to.


1. Jay Perreault - October 1, 2010

Good write-up Yvette. I can’t believe how quickly networks can grow. I believe in quality as well as quantity of connections for LinkedIn. Also paying it forward is something we should all do more of…



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Ps. I hiked to frozen lake this summer during a family reunion in Estes Park. The area= PRICELESS!

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