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Learning HP Quality Center and Load Runner for Free October 15, 2009

Posted by yvettefrancino in QA.

If you’re in QA, you’re probably familiar with automation tools. Back when I was a QA Manager at Sun we had a site license for the Mercury Tool set — QTP for functional testing, LoadRunner for Performance Testing.  I took one class and got the basic gist of the record and playback functions and some of the other basic functionality, but for the most part I just trusted my staff to be the experts.

Anyway…. that was awhile ago when I was happily employed.  Of course, now I wish I’d taken advantage of getting more training. Those days of getting educated on the company’s dime are over — at least temporarily. However, automation is all the rage, and I figure I’d better be prepared with learning what I can.  HP has bought Mercury and now the Admin tool is called Quality Center, rather than Test Director.

So, how does an unemployed cheapskate like me learn these expensive tools? Well, I found this site: Guru99 with a bunch of free short video tutorials about Quality Center and LoadRunner. Now, I can’t vouch for how valuable these tutorials will be. The few I watched were just a recap of what was presented on the slides.  One of my friends recommended downloading the trial versions of the tools to learn them. I may do this when I have more time.  I have enough experience  to know they require a little more than my typical 5-minute attention span that I give to most websites.  But, I’m not trying to become an expert performance tester, so the video tutorials may be just the quick overviews I need!  If you take a look at them, let me know what you think.



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