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Crowdsourcing Software Test – Opportunities for Eager Testers October 7, 2009

Posted by yvettefrancino in QA, Social Media.

crowdsourcing6 It’s probably not a surprise to those of you that read this blog that I have an interest in social media. My other blog, Who Gives a Twit?, focuses on networking and social media, while this one focuses on QA Testing and Management.

What’s cool is when you can combine social media and test… not just for networking, but for crowdsourcing.  Yesterday on my blog, I referenced a whitepaper about Agile Testing that I’d found on  uTest.com.  I didn’t really explore the uTest site… I just downloaded the paper.

Coincidentally, today on the Software Testing & Quality Assurance FaceBook  Group I found a Discussion Thread about uTest.com as a way for testers to make some extra income.  Say no more! I’m all about finding ways to make money.

Well, today I really did take the time to explore and found the model to be a very interesting way to handle software testing by the masses!  Touted as an alternative to outsourcing, uTest has more than 20,000 testers in more than 150+ countries. Their free eBook about Crowdsourced Testing describes the benefits to both the clients and the testers.

I signed up to be a tester and half an hour later, after filling out my skills, interests, and the details of the systems available to me, I was given a list of projects that would be a good fit.  Testers are paid based on the bugs they find and are rated based on the validity of their bugs. There are forums and metrics that allow testers to gain credibility amongst the community.

I found another site for crowdsourced test at usertesting.com. Usertesting.com was all about usability testing. A tester is assigned a certain task and asked to play the role of an end user, describing their thought process as they use the GUI to navigate through the task to accomplish the task.  They record their conversation and their navigation through the site.

I would say uTest.com is a better site for the experienced software tester that wants opportunities for testing and networking.  Testers can indicate that they are interested in GUI, Functional, Performance, or Security testing.

In any case, both of these sites take advantage of the crowdsourcing for test.  Great idea!



1. Matt Johnston - October 9, 2009


Glad to hear you liked the whitepaper, eBook, and the uTest concept, and thanks for the thorough write-up!

We’ve worked tirelessly to create a vibrant community for testers and QA professionals of all experience levels. In addition to paid testing projects, we also offering networking and a lot of value-added content for testers who are interested in learning about agile, mobile apps, load testing, etc.

Obviously, you’ve already joined, but if any of your readers are interested in learning more about our community, they can check out http://www.utest.com/testers.


vp of marketing & community

2. Jeff Switzer - October 10, 2009

Thanks for sharing and introducing this intriguing test model. What a wealth of useful and practical current information for the QA/Test Professional… and in a well written concise format.
Regards, Jeff

yvettefrancino - October 10, 2009

What a thoughtful comment, Jeff! I took a look at your LinkedIn profile and see you are an expert with the HP (formerly Mercury) Automation Toolsuite. That was going to be the topic of an upcoming blog post. I’d love to chat and get some of your insights.

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