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Requesting QA Manager Interviews For My Blog September 25, 2009

Posted by yvettefrancino in Management.
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ExpertAs I peruse the Web for ideas on good topics for QA Management, I find a lot of interesting content. Rather than rehashing content that is already available, though, I’d like to meet some Software QA Managers and find out what challenges and experiences they’re having in the world of QA.

My plan is to have an interview each week with a QA Manager, resulting, of course, in an informative blog post.  This will be great fun for me because it will mean not only learning a lot more about the field of Software Quality Assurance but also getting to know some smart people with a common interest and profession. I absolutely love meeting people through blogs and social media!

Who should I start with? What about you? If you are (or ever were) a QA Manager, I’d love for you to consider being the subject of an interview.  Or, maybe you can recommend a QA Manager that you know who you admire. If you’re interested or have any recommendations, please leave me a comment or email me through my contact page.

The interviews will be fairly short — blog posts are only a few hundred words. I expect each interview will be unique, but here are the kinds of questions I’ll be asking:

Tell me about your background – How long in SQA? What types of applications? What companies?

What Software Development methodology do you use? – How closely are standards followed? What is the relationship between the development and QA Teams? What challenges do you face with this methodology?

What kinds of tools are used? – Are you using automation tools? What tools are used to track defects and monitor progression of test cases? What types of metrics are tracked? Does your team specialize in a particular type of testing?

What resources and networks do you use? Professional organizations? Certifications? Websites or communities? Books? Blogs? Who have been your mentors?

Any anecdotes, words of wisdom or jokes? (Always looking for a way to make this blog entertaining!)

And, of course, a photo, and/or links to your home page, blog, or anything else you wish to promote would be included.

Hope  to meet you soon!



1. David B. - October 6, 2009

I saw your request to talk with QA managers for an upcoming blog. Feel free to include me on that list.

2. Orlistat - October 12, 2009

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