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QA erotica? September 23, 2009

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OK, I admit to a sleazy title, but this is a true story.  I figure it might lure in a few people that are not really interested in quality assurance, but blogs are supposed to be entertaining, and this is the only entertaining QA story I can think of.  And when you have a new blog, you’ll do what you must to bring in traffic…

So, when I was a brand new QA manager at Sun, I had this great idea about forming a community of practice.  This was before the days of social media, but there was an internal tool that allowed us to create a group mailing list.  I searched all the other Sun mailing lists and invited lots of QA groups to join this mailing list where I planned that we could share all kinds of useful information about QA.  Lots of people signed up and within a day or two, there were maybe 500  subscribers.

I happily told my team, “Now we just need to publish some exciting content.”

When I came into work the next morning, I saw that an email…the first email…had been sent to the group! Yay! I opened it up, and to my horror, what I found was a naked and voluptuous playgirl who was amazingly tenacious. She wouldn’t go away.  I kept trying to close the window (very quickly before anyone I knew walked by) and she kept popping up again! Our precious new group was getting spammed with porn!

I briefly wondered if my team had misunderstood what I meant when I said we needed to publish “exciting” content, but it was soon determined that the culprit was a spammer from outside our firewall.  I quickly went into the options and adjusted the security settings so that no outside traffic could come into the site.

I then sent an email to the new list, apologizing for what happened, explaining that as QA professionals, we can expect to see erratic behavior, but hadn’t planned on erotic behavior!  Though there were a couple who dropped,  for the most part,  people laughed it off. After that there was a lot of informative content that was shared among us, but I believe the persistent playgirl was the most exciting (or at least unusual) content that was ever shared.

(Note: I purposely decided it might be better not to post a photo on this post.  And please… no X-rated replies or comments!)



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